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Warren was one of the seven banished natives living on The Island.

Before the crashEdit


At some point, Warren, Rebecca, Aled, Steven, Robert, Ian and Thomas did something which they believed to be right. However, the other members of their group shunned them for their actions and they decided to banish them from the main civilization. The group of seven were then forced to live alone in the jungle in small tents.

After the crashEdit

Days 1-15 (Season 1)Edit

On the day of the crash, Warren was in his camp with Rebecca, Aled, Steven, Robert, Ian and Thomas. They all felt the Island shake violently and then heard the sound of a plane flying low nearby. They all came out of their tents and looked into the sky as Oceanic Flight 815 ripped apart.

When Thomas and Steven returned from the plane wreckage without the person they wanted, Warren was present. ("Ah, but Underneath")

Eventually Alex was kidnapped, but they lost him later. Warren and Ian went to bring him back and they attacked, Alex, Olivia and Hassan to do so. However, during the fight Olivia attacked and killed Warren. ("Leave Me Alone")

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