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Ellie Donoghue was a woman that mysteriously appeared and escaped from the Twin Station.

On the IslandEdit

Days 47-50 (Season 2)Edit

Inside the Twin Station one morning Emma heard a woman screaming from behind the two large doors. They suddenly flew open and Ellie came running out of them, being chased by Peter and Robert. After being chased around the station for a while, Ellie finally reached the main doors and she escaped the station. The next day she arrived at the survivors camp and was restrained by Darien and William. ("Copy Cat, Copy Cat")

Later on, after calming down, Ellie joined in with the debate about whether or not to bring Emma back to the camp. She said she didn't trust Robert and Peter and that she couldn't remember anything. ("Look Into Her Eyes and You Will See Her Pain") Later on, James showed Ellie a picture of his daughter and said Ellie looks a lot like her. ("Blame it on the Parents")

Two days later, Ellie saw Charlotte bring an unconscious Abigail to the beach camp. That night she witnessed Josh, Michelle and Samantha return. ("That Crazy Little Thing Called Love") The next day, Ellie offered to help find Olivia, but James wouldn't let her go. ("Moments in the Woods")

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