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Anita Carne
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Anita Carne was the mother of Anya Carne.

Before the crashEdit

Raising AnyaEdit

When Anya was eight years old she was sexually abused by her step-father, Rodrigo. Anita was completely unaware of it.

One night, when Anita was getting ready to go out with her friends, Anya begged her not to go and she started to cry. When Anita asked what was wrong, Anya said she didn't want to be left alone with Rodrigo. Anya then told Anita that Rodrigo hits her. However, Anita refused to believe Anya and she slapped Anya to stop her. She then left her alone in the house with Rodrigo.

A few days later, Anita started to take Anya to a therapist. ("The Search")

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